At the Law Offices of Matthew R. Kessler, LLC we understand that family law issues are often extremely difficult and emotionally draining even in the best of circumstances.  We are dedicated to compassionately assisting our clients in navigating through these challenging times in the most comfortable manner while aggressively working to ensure that our clients obtain the best legal result possible.


Have you been served with divorce papers?  Do you feel that you need to file for divorce in order to move forward with your life?  We have the experience to assist you with even the most challenging of issues that may arise as part of a divorce proceeding from equitably distributing a family owned business to competently handling the frequently occurring situation where the parties’ debts significantly outweigh the assets that they own.  In handling divorce matters, Attorney Kessler assists clients in dealing with the stress and pain associated with divorce matters while at the same time offering creative solutions to the problems and conflicts that are often present.

Child Custody

There is no more contentious area of the law than child custody.  We understand that even the thought of being separated from your children for an extended period of time is overwhelmingly painful.  We have been representing parents in custody matters for many years and we will work diligently to obtain the most favorable child custody arrangement for our clients.  If possible, we will work directly with the other parent, or their attorney if they are represented, in an attempt to negotiate an acceptable child custody order.  However, if we cannot reach an agreement with the opposing party, we will aggressively represent our clients’ interests in Court to ensure that the best interests of the minor children are adequately protected and reflected in the final custody order.


Child support and spousal support are often requested and awarded by the Court prior to the initiation of a divorce proceeding.  The initiation of these types of monetary support is not conditioned on the filing of a divorce.  However, calculating support obligations and ensuring that the proper support orders are entered by the Court is a sophisticated legal process.  Pennsylvania law contains many complex rules that set forth when support should be awarded and how the amount of support is to be determined.  We will take all the steps necessary to ensure that your support is calculated properly whether you are the obligor (person owing support) or the obligee (person owed support).

Regardless of your family law issue, contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your case.  You can reach us at 610-385-1090.  It is our goal to compassionately help you through your divorce, custody and support issues and to assist you on focusing on the future.